In 2007, Larry H. Miller had a conversation with American author and historian, David McCullough, about their passion for history and a shared concern over how to foster better teaching and greater learning in the classroom. That inspired dialogue would ultimately lead Larry H. Miller to develop a program to help teachers improve the way history is taught in our schools.

The Driven 2 Teach program takes teachers out of the classroom and to the very places where history happened – they travel there so they can teach it here. Those experiences then elevate and enhance history for their students.

The goal of Driven 2 Teach is to make American history come alive in the classroom by taking Utah public school teachers to important historical sites. The hands-on seminars are designed to inform, inspire, and support excellent classroom teaching.

Presented By

Gail Miller

Owner, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Education is an important part of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, and my goal is to give every qualifying history teacher in Utah the opportunity to attend a Driven 2 Teach field study. Visiting an historical site provides meaningful context and personal experience that a textbook cannot replicate. This program offers teachers an educational opportunity they can share with their students in the classroom in a more meaningful study of American history.

Scott Anderson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Zions Bank

There is no better way to learn about American history than to visit the historical sites where the events that shaped our nation occurred. Zions Bank is honored to join with the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies in helping to provide Utah teachers the chance participate in these field studies. The first-hand experiences of these teachers outside the classroom significantly enhances the in-classroom experiences for their students.

Participant Testimonials

There are few experiences that can change our lives in a way that alter how we see and feel about the world we live in. Driven 2 Teach has changed what I teach, how I teach, and even how I will continue to learn myself. It was inspiring to see, feel, taste, smell, and hear history in a way that I never experienced before in books. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with my students.
Lani Baker
Words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity I have had to experience the Driven 2 Teach program. I was overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I received from this trip, but more importantly, the passion I have gained for teaching this history to my students is tremendous. I want to let them feel the excitement and adventure I have felt for learning about the heroes in our history, from the men serving in the Corp of Discovery, to the Native Americans they encountered.
Melanie Olney
I believe that Larry H. Miller’s dream for history education is being accomplished. I know we will have better teachers and as such our students will have a greater appreciation for our country and our heritage. I thank you, Gail Miller and Scott Anderson, for your commitment to education in Utah.
Daron Gatherum





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